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QuickSpark Quickspark is a product of the company Herbalife. It is a stable form of Vitamin B3 CoEnzyme1. CoEnzyme1 was found in 1906 in Austria by a scientist called. CoEnzyme1 was devolped for medical purposes and used in the second world war. Due to its unstable nature CoEnzyme1 had to be administered using a drip. ...... son with the help of a Nobel Prize winner for medicin devoled a way to stablise CoEnzyme1 into a tablet that desolves in your mouth and distributes the CoEnzyme1 directly into your blood. This Form of CoEnzyme1 was then Patented by Herbalife Int. and is being sold under the name Quickspark. The product is classed under celular energy. It is the fuel for the ATP process in your body and without CoEnzyme1 you would not be able to move your hand, blink and eye lid or think about what i am say as your read this. CoEnzyme1 is in all living matter and the human body produces it naturaly. But Throughout the life of a human the CoEnzyme1 production and intake decreases. Leaving older poeple with less capacity to move, speak and think. CoEnzyme1 has a simular but more effective use as CoEnzyme10(Q10) which is on the market. Tests run on the product show a 400% raise in mental abilitly after lack of sleep for 24 hour against the same perosn on a full nights sleep. Quickspark has been shown to increase the ability of Olympic athletes by 7% over a months usage. In old people the pruduct has been used to increase the rememboring ability of poeple over 60Image:Ef_QuickSpark-1-.jpg